Saturday, April 11, 2009


As I'm getting ready to celebrate Easter Sunday, I thought, what better time to provide another update on progress on "Making A Place At the Table". A lot has happened in the last month. As you know, we've had an extremely wet winter and have lost 17 days of construction time due to rain and/or snow, but not to worry.
The last posting showed forms up in preparation for pouring the walls of the basement. As of today, all but approximately 50 feet of the basement walls have been built. In fact, the forms are ready to close in the portion of the basement which served as the access ramp to get equipment into the basement. Early next week that wall should be completed. Also, from the street you can't tell, but there is gravel placed inside the walls, in preparation for pouring the basement floor.

Once all the completed walls were waterproofed, we were able to begin moving dirt from one of the large piles to back fill behind the basement walls. So far the elevation has been raised by about 7 feet on 3 sides of the basement. This is a critical part of the construction, because the area around the basement walls needed to be leveled to the top of the wall so that footings for the steel structure could be poured. I say this is critical because the steel should be arriving for installation in early May. It won't be long until the structure really begins to take shape.

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