Sunday, July 19, 2009


We had another another very productive week on site. If you’ve been by, the look of the church hasn’t changed much because most of their efforts were inside. The installation of the ceiling and protective plywood and tarpaper continued.

The framing continued on the inside and outside with the window openings along the top of the Nave clearly visible.

Preparation for pouring the concrete floor in the Day Chapel and back of the Nave was completed as seen in the photo above.

The concrete trucks arrived at 6:30 AM on Monday and the pouring of the floors previously mentioned began. It took all day to get the finished look on the floors. Now the framing can begin in these areas.

Saturday, July 4, 2009


In the last posting, you saw photographs of the plumbing which had been placed in the wing where the bathrooms are to be located. The photograph above (left) shows the same area after gravel has been placed in preparation for pouring the concrete floor. In the last article, the HVAC duct work was exposed. Now, (right photo), the ducts have been encased with concrete. The next step is for gravel to be placed (this should happen the week of July 6th) in preparation for the concrete floor to be poured in the Day Chapel.

The above photographs show the progress that has been made on the roof/ceiling. As you saw last time, the plating (wood) had been placed on the steel girders. Now you can see the ceiling has been installed in much of the Nave (right). The photograph on the left shows the outside, which has plywood over the ceiling and tar paper. After completing this process over the entire Nave and Day Chapel, it will be time for the roofing to be installed.

In the last posting, all you could see were the metal frames around the front of the church. Now that framing has been covered. There are two different boards placed around the church. The plywood is where stone will be installed and the other boards will be where brick will be laid. If all goes well, this process will begin the week of July 6th also.