Saturday, September 5, 2009


As we began the LABOR DAY weekend, I stopped by the construction of SPX and found a beautiful sight. The long awaited cross over the front entrance to our church was completed earlier in the week. Today with the scaffolding removed the view we will be enjoying for years is evident in all its glory.

Since "Making a Place at the Table" has been a labor of love and sacrifice for so many people, it seemed fitting to provide a Photo Essay showing the construction of the cross. I'd like to start this Post with a special Thank You to one company and several individuals. First to John Lewandowski, our architect, for his design that replicated the Cross that stood for years in front of our church. Second to Pine Hall Brick for donating the custom made brick. Third, to Eddie Land, a church member, whose company meticulously laid each brick in place over a two week period.

After installing the stone up to the base of the cross, the brick began to go up.

Since each brick was customed designed and a different shape. Therefore, they were laid out on the platform first before beginning to apply the mortar to be sure of the design. Even with the precision with which the bricks were crafted, there was still some work that had to be done before the installation.

With the help of Rentenbach, we were able to get some interesting views of the construction.

On Saturday, with the scaffolding removed, you can see the beauty that will live on.