Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Three rocks become our cornerstones

Last week on Palm Sunday, our parish celebrated one of the last steps before we dedicate our new church building -- laying the cornerstone. In our case, we have three.

One came from Italy, the birthplace of our parish's namesake -- Saint Pius X. Traveling in the suitcase of a parishioner, this rock may look a little different from most cornerstones.

The second comes from Peru, from our sister parish. Chiseled from the same traditional limestone of the churches there, we will cement our bond. (Literally!)

Our final cornerstone looks the most traditional of the three. It matches the stones used for our new facade.

All three were blessed by parishioners in the days leading up to Palm Sunday, and then officially by retired Bishop William Curlin during a ceremony after the 9:00am Mass. Our entire congregation joined in a procession to place the three stones on a cold, wet morning.

Here's a look at a photo slideshow of the event:

And if you would like to see video:

Thursday, March 25, 2010


I arrived Tuesday morning just as parents were beginning to drop off students for another exciting day at SPX School. At the same time, equipment was arriving to begin the process of moving the trailer which has been home for all the workers helping "Make A Place At the Table" for us. Since I've become a cub photographer and video operator, I documented the event. I only wish I had thought to sing that song from the Sound of Music that the Von Trapp children sang that goes "So long, farewell, auf Wiedersehen Adieu... Adieu, Adieu, to you and you and you, Good Bye." In any case enjoy the video which I took while dodging Rush Hour travel as I stood in the middle of North Elm Street.

Monday, March 15, 2010


As I drove to 7:30 AM Mass on Sunday, I almost wrecked my car, as I glanced at our "Place at the Table". The lights were on and you could see the beautiful stained glass windows. Since most folks aren't up that early mass, I took a couple photos to post.

As I've mentioned, we are beginning the work that will build our stone retaining wall at the Day Chapel entrance and the last of the brick work on the west wall.

After all the lifts were removed, we took several photos from the school parking lot overlooking the Kloster Center.

Sunday, March 7, 2010


I was reminded at mass on Sunday morning by one of the Blog followers that I had not posted anything this past week. To be honest, since we are getting toward the end of construction, I was going to take a week off. However, since I was asked, I decided to give another update.

This week, the outside began to take shape as most of the sidewalks were completed and all but one small section of curb and gutter for the parking lot was completed. If all goes well this week, the final grading for the parking lot will be completed as will the rest of the sidewalks. Another question I’m been hearing is about the opening on the Elm Street side of the church. This has stayed in its current form because its been providing access for materials and equipment. Now that all the major lifting has been complete, this section can be closed in and brick laid.

In the last posting you saw a video of the marble ambo and altar. The last two photographs show how the sanctuary and Baptismal font looked at the end of this week.