Monday, February 22, 2010


Last week I posted a story about the marble for our church arriving from Italy. As I mentioned we had another shipment due and it arrived this weekend. This shipment included the additional marble for the altar steps as well as the marble that would form our altar table, ambo and baptismal font. The photos below show the truck's arrival and moving the marble into the church.

Next you see the marble for the altar table being assembled.

Once the base is formed, the heavy work begins as members of our parish lift the altar top into place. This solid piece of marble weighs over 1,000 lbs.

The completed altar table and ambo stand ready for use. This photo was taken just after installation. The red strap around the table has now been removed.

Following are two videos which show part of the installation.

Saturday, February 13, 2010


This week started early Monday morning when a truck from Schiller's Architectural Hardware and Door Systems in Lexington, Ky arrived with all the doors for our church. This was following at noon, by a truck carrying Marble from Italy. That truck had left New York's port on Sunday after the record setting snowfall and the outside of it looked like it.

Below are photos showing the doors arrival. The name Schiller may not be known to you, but its a major presence in Kentucky, Tennessee and Ohio and has Greensboro connections. Schiller's is a family owned business and that family includes Deanna Shannon, a Church member. One photo shows the three Shannon boys posed in front of the truck as it's being unloaded.

One of our parish members is providing all the marble for the altar as well as for the Baptismal area. The marble made the slow journey across the Atlantic from Italy arriving in New York City. Last Sunday, while many were watching the Super Bowl and others were digging out of record snowfalls along the east coast, a truck driver was making his way south carrying a precious cargo. The following show the arrival at noon in Greensboro.

The following show the meticulous process of preparing the area and laying the marble on the altar. Even though there is snow on the ground outside, work continued all day on the inside. You will notice in the video below, woodwork that has taken place on the altar this week.

On February 13th workers from Rentenbach were on site, despite the snow, getting the cloister ready for sidewalks. Thesub contractor was originally going to begin building forms for the sidewalks today, but that wasn't possible. If the weather cooperates, we will have sidewalks around the church in the next week.

Thursday, February 4, 2010


It's been another snowy/wet week as we Make A Place at the Table. However, on Wednesday the last of our historic windows arrived. This video clip shows the installation of windows in the niche where we will also have a marble statute of St Pius X.

The rest of this posting will shows samples of other windows that will be along the North Elm Street side of our church and along the rear parking lot.

These photos are ones that will be in the niche where we will have a statute of Mary.


The photo above and to the left are windows in the niche where the St. Pius X marble statute will be placed


This is the Holy Family window. In this niche we will also have a marble statute of Joseph. I did a closeup so you could see the vibrant colors in the windows

This final photograph shows the progress that has been made on the
altar this week.