Monday, February 22, 2010


Last week I posted a story about the marble for our church arriving from Italy. As I mentioned we had another shipment due and it arrived this weekend. This shipment included the additional marble for the altar steps as well as the marble that would form our altar table, ambo and baptismal font. The photos below show the truck's arrival and moving the marble into the church.

Next you see the marble for the altar table being assembled.

Once the base is formed, the heavy work begins as members of our parish lift the altar top into place. This solid piece of marble weighs over 1,000 lbs.

The completed altar table and ambo stand ready for use. This photo was taken just after installation. The red strap around the table has now been removed.

Following are two videos which show part of the installation.

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  1. pretty cool. enjoyed seeing the group effort to get the marble placed. we're fortunate to have this documented. looking forward to seeing the remaining pieces of the project assembled. thanks Mr. Martino!