Sunday, April 19, 2009


Well, we had another 2 days lost to rain, BUT that didn't slow down Rentenbach Contractors or their sub contractors. We were able to get the last portion of the basement walls built. You may be able to read the name of Savage Pumpers in the photograph. Scott Savage, a parishioners has been pumping all the concrete for the basement walls.

Hopefully you also noticed that one pile of dirt is almost gone and the other is being rapidly depleted. That's because the sides of the basement have dirt back in place so that the structure is actually beginning to look like a basement.

In addition, the footings were dug and poured for the beginnings of the outside walls for the choir practice room and the outside walls of the sanctuary. There's a lot more to be done this week in advance of the steel arriving in early May and I'll keep you posted.

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