Wednesday, April 29, 2009


The look at the c0nstruction site is changing rapidly now. First, since the last posting, the walls around the basement have been finished and the basment floor has been poured. Dirt has been moved from the large piles to locations around the property to get the site closer to the finished grade. Footings continue to be dug and poured. In fact as of today, the entire east side and Day Chapel footings have been poured and footings have been dug for the entire north wall.

All of this is exciting but the real excitement begins with the arrival of steel on May 7th. If schedules hold, the end of next week steel will be placed in the basement and then on May 11th, the large beems will start rising toward the sky.

The photographs above show, work on the basement floor and views of the property looking toward and away from the Bell Tower which helps you see the progress being made.

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