Saturday, December 26, 2009


After a lot of research, I realized that the reason I had difficulty posting the tours I had recorded was a limitation on the size of each video. Now, after going back to the church I have broken down the tour into 2 videos showing the outside and one showing the main Nave. The first video begins in front of SPX School and shows the renovation that was completed over the summer including stone and brick work which replicates the look of our new church. In addition new windows were installed and the building painted giving it a new look that will give our campus a unified look. This video ends at the Bell Tower and Columbarium and our new front entrance.

The second part of the outside tour begins at the Bell Tower and ends with a view of the cloister from the back parking lot.

The last video was taken from the future location of our altar and gives a panoramic view of the Nave.

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  1. Tom, great video tour. Good narrative and excellent camera work. You're letting someone else do the driving, right?