Wednesday, December 16, 2009


It's Wednesday, December 16th and I decided to take my camera and visit our future home. As I arrived there weren't a large number of workers around, BUT the work being performed is making a difference. Not only did I find some video worth taking, I found some wonderful opportunities to photograph the sun coming in through the upper windows. Even with all the work taking place, you can begin to see the how light will affect our church during different times of day. The other photograph shows workers from Statesville Stain Glass installing the frames and protective glass.

The first video was taking showing the work being performed by the brick masons as they top off the last columns of the cloister. This will enable the remainder of the framing to be installed as well on the roofing.

The second video shows the frames and protective glass being installed on the remaining windows along the Elm Street Frontage. If all goes well, all the frames and protective glass along the north wall will be in place this week.

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