Monday, February 23, 2009

The Journey From Oak Trees To Crosses

You may have noticed during the past month three logs stacked on the sidewalk near the old Parish Office. We saved those logs from two oak trees that had to be removed for our construction. If you enter our property from the north driveway now, you'll notice no logs but only sawdust in their place. Last Thursday, we had a sawmill operator come to our property and cut the logs into long lengths of boards. The wood was then loaded on a flatbed truck and taken to a lumber yard where it will be kiln dried.

After this process, four (4) large timbers will be crafted by a parishioner into two crosses to hang over the altar in the Sanctuary and Day Chapel. The remaining lumber will be used for cabinetry in the new church. As we begin the process of crafting the crosses, we'll document that effort and provide updates. The photographs that are included show one of the logs as the cutting is beginning, the same log as the cutting is nearly finished, and the truck leaving with all the wood ready to be kiln dried.

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  1. Awesome! Love how we are recycling from the old church to the new.