Thursday, February 12, 2009

Grading the site

If you haven't stopped by recently, there have been some big changes at Saint Pius X. The first photo is taken next to the columbarium, towards the driveway and Fountain Manor (basically, looking north along Elm Street. The school is behind me.)

The backhoe and bulldozer in the second photo are in the center of the site, with the driveway behind them. That large pile of dirt you see in this photo was a mini-mountain earlier this week. It dwarfed my car as I went through the school's carpool line. And I have a tallish baby SUV.

All this work is being done to create a strong foundation for our church. This month, several goals will be accomlished, according to Tom Martin, Building Committee Chair:

During February the remainder of the storm water system will be installed, dirt will be brought in to set the grade, and the building pad will be readied. The basement will be dug and and the footings for the foundation of the church along with the concrete walls will be poured.
We're all committed to keeping you in the loop as we make progress. This blog, the parish bulletin, ECHOES and other channels are being used to pass along the latest information. We also welcome your comments here.

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  1. Love the pictures. You all are doing a great job!