Sunday, April 4, 2010


I want to wish all the faithful followers of the MAKING A PLACE AT THE TABLE Blog a happy and blessed Easter. We are now less than two weeks away from celebrating the first Masses in our new church.

As our construction draws to its conclusion I thought I would post one last series of photos to share several images that you will enjoy in years to come. As has been mentioned before, the light entering St. Pius X will give us different views throughout the day and almost serve as a clock depending upon which Mass you attend. During construction, I have shared several photographs which show this, however, none that reflect the true beauty you will witness in person. ENJOY!!

These next 2 photographs were taken at 9:00 AM and show the statue of the Blessed Mary.

This photograph was taken at 8:00 AM. You can see how the sun shines on the Crucifix. You can also see the sun coming through the clear story windows and forming a staircase on the far wall.

Any trip by the church at night will enable you to see the beautiful brick cross over our front entrance. This photograph and the one below were taken as I arrived for the 7 AM Easter Mass. What a beautiful view as we celebrate Christ's resurrection.

I have enjoyed sharing our progress with you over the past year with posting on the Blog. I appreciate all the kind words that were posted in comments as well as those shared with me in person. There will continue to be posting as we have our dedication as well as others that will chronicle our construction, however, this will be the final posting by me prior to the dedication.



  1. Tom,
    Thank you for taking us all on this journey from demolition of our old building to the dedication of our magnificent new church!

  2. Tom and all of those who helped with the blog,

    Thank you so much for taking time to share with us this magnificent event of Making A Place At The Table! It truly is a blessing!