Friday, January 22, 2010


Around 10:00 AM on Monday, a truck from Statesville Stained Glass arrived at our construction site. Since we began making our "Place at the Table" we have looked forward to seeing the 100+ year old stained glass windows in their new home. In past posts, you have learned about the history of these windows and the process to restore them to their original brilliance. For this post, I tried to capture the installation in photos and video. Unfortunately the bright lights from the windows made video from my camera problematic. I was able to capture a small portion of the installation of the "Sacred Heart of Jesus" window which is at the end of the BLOG. Here are photos of the process beginning with inspecting the windows before unloading them.

Unloading the windows was a smooth process with the windows set out in sections. You can see Todd our Superintendent and Susan Melvin checking them out before they were loaded into the lift for their permanent home.

The next photos show how the windows fit into place and are clipped.

You can then see the Crucifix in front of two windows. Of course the missing window is the Nativity .

At the end of the morning, we had in place a view which we will be able to enjoy in person for years to come starting April 17th.

Of course these photos are above the altar, but there were also 10 windows installed in the Day Chapel. The following photos show several of the Day Chapel windows. In one Msgr. Marcaccio and Guy Lizotte discuss these windows with "Doodle" (our assistant superintendent).

In closing, I mentioned earlier that I had made numerous attempts to capture the installation in video. This footage was shot in the Day Chapel as the last section of window was installed. Its dark but hopefully you can see it OK.


  1. ABSOLUTELY FANTASTIC! most impressive. thanks for capturing it for us to enjoy.

  2. Your photos and video are amazing. It's so wonderful to see our church come together this way.