Sunday, May 31, 2009


At 5:30 AM on Friday, May 29th, two 9 ton, 70 foot long steel girders made the 5 mile trek up Elm Street from Williams Steel. By 6:10 AM the driver had maneuvered his rig onto our property and the girders were ready to be unloaded.

Msgr. Marcaccio, Parish Commission Chair Dick Pauley, and Building Chair Tom Martin check out the girders after their arrival. Fortunately they didn't have to do anything but watch.
A little after 8:00 the first of the girders was hoisted into the air and by 8:15 it had been bolted into place. The activity was exciting for the school carpool line and gave everyone a lot to look at. Several parish members stopped by to watch the excitement. Joe Plesh and Guy Lizotte pose in front of the newly erected girder. The second large beam is goes up on Monday.

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